Becoming an Egg Donor: The First Visit


Diane (not her real name) has embarked on the journey of becoming an egg donor at CNY Fertility Center and will share her thoughts during the process in her blog here. If Diane’s journey and stories that she shares compels you to look in to becoming an egg donor we would love to get you started. The first step is to fill out our Donor Eligibility Questionnaire – click here to begin.
The First Visit:
Ok, morning of first visit to CNY Fertility Center to officially become an Egg Donor.  Here we go!  I’m really excited about doing this, but as I pull into the parking lot of the office I start to feel nervous.  I wonder why but then I realize that I don’t know anyone that actually likes going to a doctor’s appointment and being examined.  The nerves continue to flutter in my stomach as I enter the office.  Then they all disappeared.  The office isn’t anything like a “normal” doctor’s office.  The waiting room is full of warm, cozy furniture, soft relaxing music is playing, there are inspirational books lining one wall and complimentary coffee on the other side.  I’m greeted by smiling faces who also help to put my nerves at ease.  I check in with the smiling ladies at the front desk and then take a seat on comfortable couch near the fireplace.
Only moments later I’m called back to an exam room.  First things first; the standard “pee in a cup” routine.  No problem there.  Painless and I’d had plenty of coffee that morning which made this part of the exam the easy part!   Next I came back into the exam room and answered a few questions and signed a few more pieces of paper.  My blood pressure was taken next.  Then they had to draw several vials of blood.  Blood tests were needed prior to becoming an egg donor in order to test for certain diseases; genetic and otherwise.  The young woman explained that these test would take about a week to ten days to process and that we’d go from there.  She said it was highly unlikely I was a carrier of any of the diseases but it was mandatory to check.  After drawing blood, it was time for the ultrasound.  A different young woman came in to do this part of the exam.  She had me lay back while she got the ultrasound ready and in less than five minutes that was done.  I was able to look at the screen while she did the ultrasound.  It was really interesting and exciting to see!   She kindly took the time to explain what we were looking at and to point out my ovaries, uterus, and even some follicles.
Everything looked good and the paper work and blood work are all in order.  I’m anxious to get the blood test results back and excited to proceed with becoming an egg donor!