Our Twins

My Husband and I were trying to have children for a while but to no avail. We went to my OBGYN and after many tests we found out that I could not get pregnant and I was very devastated. I found out that my only tube was blocked with so much scar tissue that none of my eggs could come down. My OBGYN suggested we go and see a fertility doctor and he recommended Dr. Robert Kiltz, so we made a appointment with him. I went through a lot of tests and it was determined that in order to have a baby I would have to do fertility treatments. We were unsure how we would pay for this but after checking with my insurance we found out that they would pay for the whole thing, so we decided to go through with it. We were praying that all would work out. After taking all of the shots and going back to Dr. Kiltz we had 8 eggs that were good so he took all of the eggs and we had to wait for the fertilization to be done. After 5 days he called and said it looked like all of them were ready to be implanted so we went back on May 5th, 2000 and had all 8 implanted back in to me. I figured that we would have a better chance of at least one egg taking hold so that I would become pregnant. To our surprise we ended up having twins! A boy, who weighed 7lbs 3oz, and a little girl, who weighed 5lbs 10oz, on January 5th, 2001. I would just love to thank each and everyone of you for all of the help you gave us and I give thanks to our Lord and Savior, God. ~ Phyllis