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Michele & Jonathan's Story:

Our story begins and ends with love.

After 3 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to finally start a family. I was 33, and my husband was 37. I assumed after a few tries, we would become pregnant and our beautiful family would begin to grow. But our journey ended up being a much different one.

After a year of ovulation sticks and timed intercourse, we finally became pregnant. It was an easy, healthy pregnancy, and 37 weeks later I gave birth to a beautiful stillborn baby girl. Our hearts were broken.

We never found out why our little girl’s heart never took a beat. We took our sadness and poured it into trying for another baby.

Seven months later we were pregnant again, but it was a chemical pregnancy and I miscarried right away.  This is when we reached out to the CNY center.

The CNY family gave us hope. After being evaluated, we decided I needed a DNC to smooth out the interior of my uterus. I would also start progesterone injections and meds to increase ovulation.

After the DNC, I was about to start all the meds but found out I was pregnant. CNY monitored the first eight weeks of the pregnancy very closely. A few weeks before my 36th birthday, and at almost 37 weeks, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Fast forward to ten years after giving birth to our firstborn, we now have five healthy children. The journey is not one we planned and was full of beautiful sorrows, but with patience, love, and the support of the CNY center and the staff at Myrtle St. OB, we have the family we always dreamed of plus a guardian angel.

Between the ages of 34 and just before my 44th birthday, I have had 11 pregnancies, 6 births, and five healthy children. Whatever your path, may you find love and happiness in the end.

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