Megan & Chris

Megan & Chris's Story:

Shortly after getting married my husband and I decided to start a family. Two months later we were excited to find out we were pregnant and nine months later welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world. When our daughter turned one, we decided we wanted to grow our family. After six months of trying without any luck we decided to go to our doctor.
secondary-infertility-img-1Our doctor did some routine blood work and started us on some medications after indicating I wasn't ovulating. Another ten months went by with no luck and our frustration began to grow. At this point our doctor referred us to a specialist which is when we reached out to CNY. We quickly began working with CNY in Syracuse because the doctors and staff were so friendly.
We started the process to determine the reason for our secondary infertility. It was very confusing to us considering how easy it was to conceive our first child. It was also hard because it seemed a lot of people we expressed concern to didn't understand why we were upset. A lot of things we heard from people were meant to be supportive but still hurt to hear. Things we heard were "at least you have one" or "if it's not meant to be, it's not." I feel it was harder for people to understand the pain of secondary infertility. The pain of your choice to grow your family to be taken away.
After several tests my reason for infertility was determined. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. This was extremely difficult to hear at only 26. My husband and I were devastated. However, the staff and doctors were so supportive and fully explained what this meant and what our options included. After taking some time to make decisions we decided to move forward with IVF. The clinic never once tried to talk us out of our own cycle despite our condition, but after considering, we felt a donor cycle may be best.
The search then began for an egg donor and preparing my body for IVF. One of the steps to prepare my body that Dr.Kiltz recommended was a keto diet. I followed that diet for two months and lost 21 pounds. Prior to the transfer we also tried acupuncture at the CNY healing arts center based on the recommendations of the staff. At this point, we were ready to begin our transfer with 4/6 donor eggs making it to transfer day. We decided to transfer 2 eggs.
Then, the waiting began. The process came with so much anxiety, worry, excitement; a true mix of emotions. Six weeks later sitting in the waiting room as a family of three we heard the most beautiful sound; a little heart beat. We were now officially a family of four. The medications, injections, and mix of emotions continued for the next eight months. Throughout the entire process CNY was there to answer questions and provide support.
On July 26 we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world. We were lucky enough to have IVF work the first time and CNY made that possible. A big thank you to the CNY staff in Syracuse and to Dr. Kiltz. I really feel everything the staff did helped with our success. The acupuncture at the wonderful CNY healing arts center and the keto diet helped physically prepare my body. The positive support I received from the staff helped mentally prepare me for the physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Also a big thank you to the wonderful woman who donated her eggs to make my family of four possible.