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Liz & Scott

New York -

Infertility Diagnosis

  • Unexplained infertility


  • Hysteroscopy
  • In vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)


  • Syracuse


  • David Corley, MD
  • Meg Marnell, NP

Liz & Scott's Story:

We had always planned on having children, and a year after we got married we decided to start to try. We both were young and didn’t anticipate any challenges. After 6 months without success, we started to suspect there might be an underlying problem. My OBGYN assured me that I was young and to relax and everything would be fine.

We continued to try for another 3 years, although because of our work schedules and me being a full-time graduate student it wasn’t our primary focus. After I completed my master’s degree I had more time and decided it was time for professional help. We had our first appointment at CNY in July 2015. I remember feeling hopeful for the first time. We did 6 rounds of IUI without success. Each failed IUI felt like a personal failure. It was really difficult to face the disappointment month after month and keep trying. After the sixth round failed, we determined that IVF was the next logical step.

This felt like a big leap and it certainly was a lot more involved than IUI. At the same time, we wanted so badly to be parents and were hopeful that this could work. I underwent egg harvest on 2/28/16 and the next day we went on a vacation to Disney land that had been planned prior to the IVF (I do not recommend this! I was terribly ill the whole time). I remember looking at a onesie in the gift shop while we were there and my husband told me that it would be bad luck to buy it. When we came home, I underwent a day 5 transfer. About a week or two later I was in a group fitness class and felt completely exhausted. I went to a friend’s house after and complained about the fatigue. She jokingly handed me a pregnancy test. I was sure it would be negative, but took it anyway. When the test was positive I felt overwhelmed with joy. A few days later a blood test confirmed the results, the transfer had been successful and I was pregnant. In November 2016, we welcomed Olivia into the world and our lives were forever changed.

Helpful resources Liz & Scott found:

Acupuncture, beat infertility podcast. Hearing others’ stories and knowing that I was not alone. I did not have but looking back wish I had had therapy at the time.

Unique Moments:

Having OHSS at Disney land was definitely unique!

Hope, Inspiration and Advice:

If there is one piece of advice that wish I had heard when we were going through this it is, be kind to yourself. Infertility is so hard. As women, especially, I think we internalize this as a personal failure. I remember feeling desperate to change and control whatever I could, just trying to fix what was “wrong”. So much of this is out of our control, and it’s important to remember that it isn’t your fault. The process is difficult, challenging, and long. Be kind and forgiving to yourself as you go through this. There is a happy ending on the other side!