Kristy & Nathan

Pennsylvania –

Infertility Diagnosis

  • Advanced age
  • Tubal obstruction


  • Donor egg
  • In vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Laparoscopy


  • Albany


  • Edward Ditkoff

Kristy & Nathan's Story:

I started my infertility journey in 2014. I always knew I had fertility issues but didn’t seek help until I was happily married. I knew that my problem was with my Fallopian tubes so I thought it would be an easy problem to solve with IVF treatment and I would become pregnant rather quickly. I was 37 when I started my treatment and after all the testing I was also told that I have high FSH and Low AMH, not good for producing good quality and quantity of eggs for the retrievals. So we did a couple IVF cycles with a local clinic and my max was 6 eggs but I never got a BFP. I decided to have both of my tubes removed at this point to try to help with success in case this was a problem with me getting pregnant. The next IVF cycle was also BFN. I decided to change my Dr. In hopes that maybe a different protocol would help me out. My new Dr was amazing and willing to help regardless of low response to meds in hopes we find that one lucky egg. I did three more IVF cycles with no success :(. In my mind failure wasn’t an option I had plan A, B, C. It was now time to move on to plan B donor eggs. I met a friend randomly at a funeral and she mentioned she was also going through IVF and gave me the information to call CNY. She later disclosed to me that she also used donor eggs and was pregnant so this gave me so much hope! I was so happy and thought for sure I would be pregnant very quickly with donor eggs. The first donor I selected had frozen eggs we purchased eight and none of them survived the thawing process. This does not happen very often but it’s just my luck right!! I ended up meeting up with a donor through a private Facebook group that I was in and we hit it off immediately and she was a previous donor at CNY so it made the process very quick and easy. They were able to retrieve 25 eggs 13 fertilized and in the end we had 2 good quality and 1 fair embryos. Not as many as I would have hoped for but I still remained hopeful :). I transferred one good quality embryo the first time which resulted in BFN. We were now left with our last two embryos. If this didn’t work we were done trying, and option C will be to explore adoption. We decided to transfer both since one was fair quality. I always take a HPT the night before the beta to prepare for the news the next day. When my test showed PREGNANT I was over the moon and in complete shock!!! It worked and my dream to become a Mommy is finally coming true :). My journey was full of letdowns and negative outcomes but I never lost hope along the way. I always told myself how is feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on the negative going to help me? It’s not, so I would gather my thoughts and strength and move on to the next cycle with a positive outlook and new hope :) I am happy to say, as I’m holding my 3wk old son that it was worth the journey and I honestly forgot what it took to get me here because that doesn’t even matter anymore!!! Thanks to my amazing donor and CNY I am a Mommy now and it feels amazing :)

Favorite Team Member at CNY:

The staff at CNY were all amazing! Very thoughtful and they always responded quickly to my questions via email that I had along the way.

Helpful resources Kristy & Nathan found:

I belong to various Facebook support groups that help you feel like your not alone in this journey.

Unique Moments:

I had so much bad luck but persevered. I actually even fell while pregnant and dislocated my shoulder but was able to recover just in time to hold my baby boy! This boy made me work for him for

Hope, Inspiration and Advice:

Be patient and hopeful. , things will never go as planned , but In the end the plan that was designed for us will be our successful path just have faith in the journey!