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Krista & Rusty's Story:

My husband and I married in December of 2010. I knew he had a vasectomy from his previous marriage. In March of 2011 we traveled to Texas to have his vasectomy reversed. My husband has low testosterone and was using Androgel medication. We later discovered it is basically a male birth control. In October of 2011 after having a semen analysis we discovered he had no sperm. He was told to immediately stop taking the Androgel and start taking HCG as the HCG would make his body naturally produce sperm. After that semen analysis the most sperm we ever saw was 10,000,000, but we were lucky to ever see that high of a count. We did 4 IUIs on Clomid or Femara and was never successful. We did IVF locally in June 2015 with a doctor that blamed my husband for everything. It was a bad experience all the way around. We did end up pregnant but miscarried at around 6 weeks. It was so hard to pay on a loan and had nothing to show for it. We never even had an ultrasound to see our bean. The want and need to have a child about broke us. Looking back, I am grateful our marriage survived those tough times. Somehow in 2017 I ran across CNY Fertility. My husband said if we could get the money for travel expenses and medication, he was on board. Working with CNY was amazing. They never treated us different. (My husband and I have a 25 year age difference.) We felt at home with CNY. We ended up retrieving 10 eggs and 3 made it to day 5. 1 was a little behind though. We transferred 2. One was a beautiful hatching embryo and the other was a slacker. I had no embryos make it to freeze. I ended up with a very high HCG. We were hopeful for twins, but grateful for whatever God gave us. Our ultrasound revealed we were indeed pregnant with a singleton. That embryo that could is now our soon to be 1 year old daughter. We feel so very blessed to have her! She is everything we had ever dreamed and hoped for. I would do another cycle with CNY in a heartbeat. I recommend them all the time to anyone that tells me they're considering IVF.

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I went to the chiropractor on a regular basis.

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I wish we had gone straight to IVF rather than doing the vasectomy reversal.