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First Born

After two years of marriage my wife decided it was time to start a family. I was still working for a new Corvette. You can imagine how that went, so starting a family was the new priority. After a frustrating year without success we decided we needed to see if there was a problem. Counts were a little low here, this was turned a little off here, nothing huge. Luckily, my wife's OB/GYN is a gifted doctor and also did artificial insemination (AI). After three failed attempts over the next 12 months we were getting crazy. Not to mention the emotional ride my poor wife was on, due to the injections for weeks, prior to the procedures. We sat down with Dr. Brown and he said it was time for something else. He said we should try, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). He suggested going to Rochester at first as their facility was highly regarded nationally. He then mentioned a young OB/GYN doctor who had just set up a fertility office at a practice in Auburn and was very promising from what he had heard. We decided to go sit and INTERVIEW this upstart from California. Even though we expected sandals and surfing shorts we were very excited about meeting Dr. Robert Kiltz. He greeted us as David and Suzanne and introduced himself as Rob. Looking very professional and just a touch of gray we immediately felt comfortable. After only twenty minutes of talking we looked at each other and new, if we were going to need help starting a family, Rob was the one to make that happen. We started immediately with excitement and zeal that we would have a family by next Christmas. It would be eight Christmas' and eight IVF procedures, along with an emotional ride that nearly destroyed us. Throughout everything we found such encouragement and sincerity at a soulful level from Rob. He truly could feel our pain and worked painstakingly with us, as though we were his only patients, which by now, he had moved on his own and was working 22hrs a day to keep up with every new patient. Because, with Rob, every patient is treated like they are the only patient. Rob laughed and cried with us when the news was confirmed. Nine months later, the most precious GIFT was bestowed on Suzanne and me. Maxwell, our First Born, had arrived. There is nothing in this world I would take over that GIFT, made possible through the life energy gifted to Rob. Four years later and an incredible 4 year old, the Universe GIFTED us, unassisted, our angelic Emily. We still believe Rob put in a word with the Universe on our behalf. Max and Emily are now 8 and 4, I have happily decided that someday Max will drive me around in his Corvette. Endless Joy