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Dara's Story

We had been trying for our third baby for 2 years.  I was getting pregnant, but was miscarrying. I knew the odds were against me, because I was in my early 40's. After speaking to my Ob/Gyn, she suggested that I be seen at CNY Fertility for further testing. Imagine our surprise when driving home after the appointment, we received a message stating that my Hcg was elevated.  We were pregnant!  Dr. Kiltz started me on the RPL protocol and weekly ultrasound. At 6 weeks, I saw the heartbeat and knew this was going to work!  At 10 weeks, I returned to my regular OB.  Alek was born 12/27/07, 6 days late.  He weighed 10.7 ounces and was 23 inches long. I did it without drugs, boy, oh boy do I wish I did it otherwise!!