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Cristine & Mervin

New York -

Infertility Diagnosis

  • Male factor


  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)


  • Albany


  • Michael Grossman

Cristine & Mervin's Story:

We had our daughter naturally back in 2014 which I later found out was a miracle. Due to a sport related injury that my husband suffered we came to find out we were not having any luck conceiving our second child due to male factor infertility. After over a year of trying on our own and a miscarriage I met with Dr. Grossman. He was... amazing. I never felt pressured. He gave us multiple ways we could go about conceiving and he was extremely positive. We decided to try another year naturally. Finally we decided to try fertility. We ended up starting with medicated IUI. We got pregnant on the second IUI after about 3 years of trying. The sperm count was only 5.8 million post wash. The nurse told me it was up to me to move forward. She said "It only takes one" and that sold me on it! We did it! I had an amazing pregnancy and on May 1, 2018 I had a healthy baby boy. Our daughter was a big sister finally! My heart feels whole. As his 1st Birthday approaches I can't help but think what if we never went to CNY? We may not have our Mervy. He is the sweetest baby. He makes our family complete. I'll be forever thankful. My only regret was not seeking help sooner.

Favorite Team Member at CNY:

All the nurses were AMAZING. They are God sent! I felt so relaxed with them all. Really great people at CNY from the front end staff, to the nurses to the drs everyone involved!

Helpful resources Cristine & Mervin found:

I found eating well and trying to keep my stress levels down.

Unique Moments:

My low would be waiting so long to start treatment. I guess I just kind of thought we'd do it on our own. The high of our treatments would be the positive blood work. getting pregnant for the first time in YEARS.

Hope, Inspiration and Advice:

My advice is... go for it! It's the best choice I ever made. I have my baby because of CNY.