Cassandra's Story:

After marrying my wife on September 6, 2015, we knew what our next life chapter had to be. Having a baby of our very own would add to the joy her and I already had. We had no clue where to start but thanks to a gracious conversation we had with a fellow LGBT couple, we learned quickly that CNY Fertility was where to go. The staff are nothing but supportive and knowledgeable. My wife and I decided to go through a process called Reciprocal IVF. I would carry an embryo that was created from her egg and donor sperm. Our first round of egg retrieval did not yield the outcome we needed so my wife was required to go through this process again. Again, the staff kept us in great spirits. The second round of egg retrieval yielded a much higher count of successful embryos. It was finally my turn to be part of this exciting process. Our first transfer did not give us a pregnancy but my wife and I were full of hope. With the second IVF transfer, we decided to transfer two embryos. My wife and I were so happy when CNY Fertility gave us a call a few weeks later to tell us we were pregnant! At one of my 6 week appointments (very happy sonogram day) we learned that one of the embryos was ectopic. The CNY Fertility team that had been behind us the entire process was once again giving us the support and empathy we needed. I required an emergency surgery to remove the ectopic pregnancy. Dr. Kiltz was called in and performed the surgery. We were so worried about the other healthy growing fetus but Dr. Kiltz and his team ensured us that it would be ok. Our son was born December 7th, 2016 a healthy 8lbs. We cannot thank Dr. Kiltz and his Wonder Team enough. Because of their passion and dedication, our lives have been truly enriched!