Patient Empowerment

Through education and understanding is a cornerstone to our mission. We have assembled these educational and support resources. We will be updating this section as we discover new sources of information which we feel are beneficial to your understanding of infertility. Please feel free to make suggestions if you know of resources that would be appropriate for inclusion. CNY Fertility Center in conjunction with CNY Healing Arts offers many forms of support to our clients. Below is a list of just a few of the support options that we offer. Our newsletters are the best way to stay current on events, news and support opportunities. Sign up here!

Dr. Kiltz firmly believes in incorporating the Fertile Secret into your fertility treatment plan and offers many different discounts, free services, etc. for our CNY Fertility Center Clients to take advantage of and enjoy.Visit this link for the current specials

Fertile Friendships One-On-One Program

Fertile Friends pairs patients together based on their experiences with infertility. This program has been created because many patients have said that friends and family who have been their support system for other life issues, just can’t compare to the understanding and support provided by another person who is going through the same struggle to conceive.

Click here to learn more, or to sign up and participate in the Fertile Friends Program.

Circle of Hope Support Group

The Circle of Hope Support Group meets monthly at each CNY Fertility Center/CNY Healing Arts Center location. The group is moderated by one of our team members, and is open to all patients. During the group session, patients are invited to share their personal experiences, seek support, and gain helpful tools for coping with the emotional ups and downs of infertility. Guest speakers will also occasionally join the group to share knowledge and their own personal journey. The meeting time for each location can be found here, at our CNY Fertility Calendar:

Monthly Support Webinar

We recognize that some of our patients are able to make it to in-office support meetings. Luckily, we are able to offer an Interactive Fertility Support Webinar. This allows patients to listen in and ask questions from the comfort of their own homes. For more information and login information, please visit our CNY Fertility Calendar:

Workshops, yoga, and more!

In addition to our Circle of Hope Support Group and Interactive Fertility Support Webinar, each CNY Healing Arts location offers a variety of events and workshops each month. Workshop topics range from nutrition to the grief process. We also provide weekly Yoga for Fertility, and meditation opportunities. For workshop meeting times and locations, please visit our CNY Healing Arts Calendar:

Private One-On-One Support

If you are looking for a more private one-on-one support situation, Lisa Stack is a CNY Fertility Center Staff member who has been through the fertility journey experience herself. She offers her services as a lay support person and can be contacted by email at or by phone at 315-744-8073.

Lisa put together a helpful Holiday Support Guide to give you the opportunity to make time to reflect during times of grief and work through challenging situations that can become ever present during the holiday season, especially for those on the fertility journey.

If you have recently suffered a miscarriage or you are finding that your fertility journey is becoming emotionally overwhelming, please visit Lisa’s guide to Understanding the Grief Process. Additionally, if you would like a few ideas for honoring and remembering your loss, we have gathered a few thoughts for you here, at Honoring A Miscarriage.
Supporting a loved one experiencing infertility can be very challenging. Sometimes, the right words don’t always come easily, so Lisa has written a helpful guide on Supporting a Loved One on Their Fertility Journey.

Success Stories

Connecting with someone who has walked your same path, successfully, can offer great hope and reassurance. Many of our previously successful clients have offered theirstories and words of encouragement to our current clients, and we have created many wonderful lasting relationships. If you would like to be matched with a client that has successfully completed a similar cycle to the one that you are pursuing, please contact Lisa:

In your email, please specify the type of cycle that you are pursuing, or any other specific information that will help Lisa find an appropriate match for you. Similarly, if you have successfully completed your cycle and would like to offer support to a client in need, please email Lisa and provide her with the the basic details of your journey!

Support Counselors

Counseling, whether it be in a group format or on a one-to-one basis, may help you with the issues that surround infertility. If you would like to explore this avenue our Support Coordinator, Lisa Stack, can facilitate a Counselor referral for you. Email her at to get more information. You can also feel free to peruse the list of Counselors we are currently referring to and contact them on your own. View list here.

We have many more support services available, to view them all visit our CNY Healing Arts website.

CNY Fertility Client Creates Resource Page and Blog

April All Year, a fertility client of ours started sharing her fertility journey with us in May, 2009. She has opened her heart and soul to share her struggles, challenges and support during this time in her life. . April also took the time to share some of her valued resources that she discovered along the way: informational books, inspirational books, websites and more. Click here to read April’s Resource Page.

Endicott NY Support Group
Coping With Infertility? You Are Not Alone …
Please join this Peer Support Group, they have been offering help and support for over twenty years in the Endicott, NY area.
Where: First United Methodist Church of Endicott (corner of Mc Kinley and Monroe Streets)
When: Every third Thursday of the month
Time: 7:00 PM

Multiple Moms Mingle MessageBoardmultmoms

This group is for mothers and expectant mothers of multiples. Please join us!
To mingle with other Moms of multiples online, Click here. Or to visit the website and learn more Click here.

Twins and Triplets Mothers’ Group MessageBoard

This is a Central New York group of mothers and expectant mothers of multiples. The group was established in 1957. If you would like to join the group online click here.

Glossary of Fertility Terms

For a complete glossary of common terms you will encounter on your fertility journey, click here.

Web Links to Useful Sites

The Internet can be a very useful tool for self-education. However, there are many sites which may contain inaccurate, misleading and sometimes distressing information. Caution must be used when utilizing the Internet for medical information. Use only authoritative resources publishing by industry-recognized organizations. If you venture into chat rooms or bulletin boards, make sure they are moderated by impartial, knowledgeable experts. We have assembled this list of sites which we feel meet this criteria.

The Endometriosis Center at Binghamton

The Endometriosis Center at Binghamton Gynecology is a satellite IVF office of the CNY Fertility Center. Serving the Southern Tier and beyond, Dr. James Kondrup and his staff have become a regional leader in gynecologic care and fertility treatments.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine is an organization devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine and biology. Established in 1944, the Society has since achieved national and international recognition as the foremost organization promoting the study of reproduction and reproductive disorders. The ASRM is a voluntary non-profit organization. Members must demonstrate the high ethical principles of the medical profession, evince an interest in reproductive medicine and biology, and adhere to the objectives of the Society. The national administrative office is located in Birmingham, Alabama, with a government/public relations office in Washington, DC. Services are offered to patients, health professionals and media professionals (information, press releases, policy statements, etc.). Literature is available from the ASRM.


RESOLVE is a national non-profit organization that, for more than 20 years, has assisted people in resolving their infertility by providing information, support, and advocacy. Founded in 1974 by Barbara Eck Menning, a nurse, RESOLVE has grown from a small kitchen operation to a national organization. RESOLVE has a database of more than 40,000 individuals and providers, more than 50 chapters nationwide, and a national paid staff of 17 that provides services and programs for individuals experiencing infertility. RESOLVE is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer board. The board includes individuals who have experienced medical concerns regarding infertility, and who have adopted children. It also includes members of the professional community — nurses, lawyers, CPA’s, and business people. All are committed to providing services of the highest quality for members and the general public. RESOLVE advocates on the national and local level for comprehensive insurance coverage for infertility treatment and other family-building issues of concern. In principle and in practice, RESOLVE values and seeks a diverse membership. There shall be no barrier to full participation in this organization.

The American Fertility Association

The mission of The American Fertility Association is to serve as a lifetime resource for men and women needing reproductive information and support and to forward the causes of adoption and reproductive health through advocacy, education, awareness building and research funding.

Centers for Disease Control

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services. Their mission is to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability.

IVF Connections

This web site was created by a woman while going through IVF herself. It has bulletin boards that are enabled, a chat room, and links and resources to other informational sites that are available to those suffering from infertility.

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