PICSI/HBA Multi-Site Clinical Trial


CNY Fertility Center Syracuse is recruiting patients to participate in a multi-site clinical trial of the PICSI dish’s effectiveness. A PICSI dish is used to select mature sperm which bind to hyaluronan, and the sperm is then injected into an egg during an ICSI.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is used for about 99% of patients at CNY Fertility Center who are doing an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. It is the process in which an embryologist directly injects one sperm into a mature egg, in an attempt to fertilize the egg, creating an embryo.
The embryologist selects the sperm using a microtool called an ICSI needle, under a large, high-tech microscope. The sperm are evaluated for their progression (swimming), as well as their morphology (shape), however neither of these attributes can definitively tell the embryologist that the sperm is mature.
A PICSI dish contains

hyaluronan microdots, to which only mature sperm can bind. Once the sperm are added to the dish the embryologist is able to select only the bound (mature) sperm, using them for injection into the egg. The concept is that mature sperm are more likely to be chromosomally normal, potentially increasing the fertilization rate and subsequent pregnancy rates.

CNY Fertility Center Syracuse is participating in a multi-site clinical trial of the PICSI dish’s effectiveness. We are currently recruiting patients to be in the clinical trial. If you are interested in participating and potentially having a PICSI dish used for the selection of sperm for your ICSI please speak to your nurse, doctor or contact Deb Woodhouse at

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