Our Blessings From Above
Posted by: admin on Jun 10, 2011 in Success Stories


Thank you to everyone at CNY Fertility Center who helped with our journey on making dreams come true.

IVF was our only hope. I was 39 and had my tubes tied 15 years ago during a previous marriage. Our insurance also didn’t cover IVF, but we wanted a family.

On our hour long ride home from CNY we were driving through a thunder storm which soon passed to a sun filled sky with not one rainbow but two. I new that was sign form above. My husband stated, “You know what they say three is a charm.” Yes I became pregnant with twins on the third cycle of IVF, and found out on this amazing day.
Christine and Blaine
Ashoton Carter 7lb 4oz and Allie Claire 6lb 2oz
April 26, 2011

2 responses to “Our Blessings From Above”

  1. Theresa Borges says:

    This is my new niece and nephew. My sister is a wonderful mother of 6. Thank you for making her dream come true. They are truly blessed!
    Aunt Theresa
    Allie Claire looks like my daughter Gina Grace;)

  2. Sue says:

    OMG so cute. I can only pray that this will one day happen to us too. Congrats! 5 times a charm I hope.

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