Our Blessed Journey Ends
Posted by: Editor on Feb 27, 2012 in News, Success Stories

Hello, I am writing to share our infertility journey. Over the last five years we have done IVF twice which ended in miscarriage, reversed my tubes, had an ectopic pregnancy which blocked left tube. Tried IUI six times with no success. Finally we decided to try one final IVF. After speaking with Dr. Kiltz we changed our protocol adding steroids and Intralipids after retrieval. We finally got a positive pregnancy test with good beta numbers and during 5 week ultrasound discovered all THREE embryos implanted!

After a long wonderful pregnancy our three little angel girls were born January 10, 2012. We cannot thank Dr. kiltz and the wonderful staff at CNY Fertility Center enough for their excellent care and support during our journey. I was ready to give up but Dr. Kiltz thought the Universe was talking and this was our time. It was, we now have our beautiful girls, blessed three times over. Cannot express how grateful we are, you are all wonderful!


One response to “Our Blessed Journey Ends”

  1. Mary says:

    Congrats Jodi
    they are beautiful!

    we just found out we are pregnant after Dr Kiltz did a transfer on March 26th, your story gave me warm fuzzy feeling

    thank you and enjoy your girls

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