NEW Donor Embryo’s Available as of May 1st, 2013
Posted by: Editor on May 03, 2013 in News

Donor Embryo Cycle - CNY Fertility CenterOur Donor Embryo program was established over the past couple of years, with very positive outcomes, as an alternative option for Recipients looking to try a Donor Egg Cycle.  This unique program differs greatly from our Donor Egg cycles, but offers just as much hope and opportunity for the creation of family.  The embryos available are those remaining from other patients’ IVF cycles.  These patients have decided that they do not wish to transfer these embryos, and would like to give that opportunity to someone else.

Similar to the nature of the Donor Egg cycles, the donor profiles (of both egg and sperm) are available online, and they have completed a similar medical and social history – see below for the current list.  While the recipient does not have the ability to choose the sperm used, there are many benefits to this program.  These embryos are readily available, and all of the testing has been completed, so cost and time are both greatly decreased (embryo cycle costs here).

We have donor embryos available right now, as of May 1st, 2013, if you’re interested in exploring this option:

You can call our office toll free 1.855.CNY.EGGS or send an email:

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Current Clinic Services and Profile       
Current Name:CNY Fertility Center
Donor egg?YesGestational carriers?YesSART Member?Yes
Donor embryo?YesCryopreservation?YesVerified lab accreditation?Yes
Single Women?Yes


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