Never give up hope!
Posted by: Editor on Apr 03, 2012 in News, Success Stories

As I write this my mind is still in disbelief that I have to start planning a 2 yr olds birthday party. That is why I want to share my story. I came to CNY Fertility after several IUI’s and surgeries and procedures and had pretty much given up hope of being a Mom. I remember starting to feel resentment towards others that were telling me they were pregnant. I couldn’t understand why them and not me.

Dr. Rob and the staff basically “took me under their wing” and walked me through every step of IVF. Their passion and spiritual uplifting gave me hope. Yes, it was an emotional rollar coaster (all those hormones, why wouldnt it be, Jeez) and I had 2 IVFs that didnt work and even a miscarriage. Still they never gave up hope so neither did I . Then it happened—PREGNANT!!! So as I sit here thinking of the right theme for a 2 yr old party, and what to make for dinner and how to find time to go to the park, and when she now says “Mommy… I wuv you..” or “I’m Daddy’s girl”. I get very emotional still but it is because GOD BLESS CNY AND NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!


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