My two blessings!
Posted by: admin on Jul 06, 2015 in Success Stories

My husband and I got married in July 2009. we started trying to have a baby in August 2010. After about a year of trying we hadn’t conceived so we went to see our OB/GYN. We tried some medications to help us conceive and that didn’t work. We were referred to CNY Fertility Center as my doctor confused as everything seemed to check out and I was 25 and healthy. The CNYFC staff was so helpful and kind. They explained what they do and gave me so much hope. I had testing done and then a laparoscopic procedure where we found that both of my Fallopian tubes were closed due to scar tissue from my appendix bursting as a teenager. One tube was not able to be repaired and the other they did repair. We tried several rounds of unsuccessful IUI and then decided to move on to IVF. Our first round of IVF failed and we were devastated. We took a break and went back for another round of IVF. We got the call we were pregnant! We had our first ultrasound and saw that one of the two embryos implanted. We were ecstatic!! We went back for another ultrasound and the nurse said, “Here’s baby 1 and oh look here’s baby 2, congratulations!” My husband and I were in shock! Our twins, Mason and Amelia, came February 1, 2014 and have blessed us with so much joy! Thank you so much to CNYFC for blessing us with these two angels!

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