Kristen’s twins by IVF
Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

I just don’t know how to thank Dr. Kiltz and the CNY Fertility staff for all that they did for us. After trying to conceive for 6 years through injectables and insemination with no luck we turned to IVF at our local hospital in Rochester. After that IVF failed I was told not to try IVF again. We met with Dr. Kiltz about a year later as a last result. He told us to give one more IVF a try. At that point we had donors picked out. We really thought Dr. Kiltz was crazy for telling us to do IVF after Strong Fertility Center telling us to not even bother doing IVF again. After meeting with Dr. Kiltz, my husband and I figured we would give it one last try. A couple months later after starting my 2nd IVF cycle we found out I was pregnant with twins . We are now the proud parents of a boy and girl. I have attached a photo. We owe so much to him and his staff. They have changed our lives in an amazing way. I cannot begin to tell you how much your efforts have brought such joy to our lives. You are all amazing people.

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