Jennifer’s little miracles
Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

My little miracles:

My husband and I did fertility treatments for 8 years and I decided enough was enough. I work at a doctor’s office with 2 obstetricians one of which had decided to retire from delivering babies. I told them I was giving up on fertility treatments and if they knew of any babies needing to be adopted, to let me know. So, literally 1 week goes by and the retiring doctor’s nurse comes out and says “Jennifer I need to talk to you RIGHT NOW”… I thought she was upset about something, so I dropped what I was doing. She tells me that there is a woman on the phone who is pregnant and wants to put her baby up for adoption, I told her about you and she wants to talk to you right now…. I was freaking out! What do I say to her… So I sat down took a deep breath and believe it or not she was really easy to talk to. She has a daughter and just can’t handle another baby as a single mom… I know, I could never do that, but things happen to people. I told her how I work here at the doctor’s office and that my husband Brian is a kindergarten teacher. We talked for at least an hour. I really don’t remember what was said; remember I was freaking out… We did talk about the adoption being open, so that we could talk or call each other when needed. So after I hung up the phone, I am sitting there in the doctor’s office completely shocked. All of those years trying, a miscarriage, I decide to give up and in 1 week the opportunity to have a child drops in my lap, this is definitely a miracle.

I decide to go over to my doctor, who is just waiting to hear from me, and I say to him…”would you mind delivering just 1 more baby? He smiles and says of course I will! It was so crazy, Brian had his doubts all the way through…”don’t get to excited, she could change her mind…blah blah blah, as any wife knows, I totally ignored him. The birth mom comes in 3 times and never says a word to me, of course I am stressing, so I decided to call her and let her know that I am not allowed to talk to her unless she comes and talks to me first for confidentiality reasons. She had no idea, so from that moment on, she came right to me every time. So she says, “do you want to know the sex? I of course say YES!!!!! She tells me it’s a boy!! Oh, my god I can’t wait to tell Brian… a few weeks go by and she stops in and says she needs to talk to me…now you know I am thinking the worst. She asks me if I want to be in the room when she delivers, she only wants me and her Mom there…. I started to get all teary eyed and said of course I will. I now know the reason I was unable to have my own children, this little boy needed a mom and it was meant to be. He is due on Dec 19, 2007, and now we scramble to get every thing done.

Every time the phone rang we jumped. The entire time thinking, will she call? What if she changed her mind, how would we ever know? He took his sweet time and was born Jan 5, 2008. I was there, they had to induce her and she asked me to cut the cord. I was shaking so much I thought I was going to cut the doctor’s thumb off. I held my son for about an hour be for she says to me, “don’t you think you should tell Brian he has a son?… I laughed and said Oh, right. I could see her Mom was very upset so I asked her if she would hold him while I went to get Brian and she was thrilled, but tears ran down her face… It broke my heart. Brian came in and her mom handed him over to his very tired daddy and said here is your son… It was so magical to see Brian’s face light up; words can’t express the happiness on his face. I really don’t think he believed until that moment.

13 months later I get a call from my adoption attorney. Its 10:00 a.m. Monday morning and I am sitting at my desk. As he is talking, I am wondering if something is wrong. He says to me another baby was born last night and the woman is your son’s birth mom. I was dumbfounded; she wants to know if you would consider adopting this child also…. I did not even think twice YES, of course!! I screamed. He laughs and says, “you might want to ask Brian.” so I immediately left and drove to Brian’s school. He sees me pull up and sticks his head out of the kindergarten window, covered in paper cut-out snowflakes. What’s wrong? He asks nervously, I told him nothing, meet me in the hallway! I signed in and my heart is racing, I walk up to him and say “want to have another baby? He is shocked but says “Yes, of course I do…what is going on?” I told him what our lawyer had said. He asks, when is she due to deliver? I smiled and said the baby was born yesterday! He takes a moment and looks at me in complete disbelief. What is it? He exclaims, and I looked at him for a moment and said I don’t know, I never thought to ask….just then my cell phone rings, it’s our lawyer and I tell him “Brian said yes!” He replies “I knew he would, I already started the paperwork…” then I ask the question, what is the sex of the baby and he says, “hmm I don’t know…I’ll call you back….actually why don’t you call her (the birth mom) at the hospital and let her know I called you ok?” So I went back to my office to try to compose myself. I pick up the phone and called her, she tells me that she gave birth to a little girl!… we talk for a while and I told her my Mom is coming in for an appointment at 11:00 is it ok if she comes with me, she agrees.

My unsuspecting mom comes walking in to the health center and I ask her to come in the back office. She looks at me funny, I am sure the look on my face was pure shock! So I say to her “how about you blow off your doctor’s appointment and come with me to meet your new grand-daughter? Total shock, luckily she was sitting down. I of course explain as fast as I could and she is completely taken off course. I went in to talk to my boss about everything and Brian called, my mom answers the phone and tells him it’s a girl! How amazing is this he replies. We decide that I will go first and Brian and our son will come up after. So off we went to the hospital to meet my daughter. I drove while mom called my sister and brother. It was crazy and totally amazing at the same time. I walked in and sat down with her (the birth mom) and talked about what had occurred in the past 9 months. She had told me back in June that she was pregnant again but that she could not do that to her family again. It would hurt them too much and that she was going to terminate the pregnancy. She hid the pregnancy from me and her entire family. She knew that I would take the baby if she asked and knew in her heart that she could not destroy this little baby growing inside of her. It was not planned but there was a loving home that would keep her safe, warm and loved. Brian brought Adam up to meet his sister and you could just see the love in my son’s eyes. Brian was the proud Papa, feeding her and changing her, this time he knew what he was doing. My daughter is perfect in every way and so very special to us. I have 2 beautiful children and a very happy family. I really feel in my heart that all things happen for a reason, it’s may take some time, but it’s true and these two little ones are my miracles.


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