Holding onto Hope
Posted by: admin on Sep 15, 2010 in Success Stories

HOPE is REAL! At 27, after two years of marriage we had a wonderful son, Edward , the first time we attempted to have children. However by the age of 34 we could not provide Edward a sibling. We turned to Dr.Rob and his wonderful staff for help.

We had been through several miscarriages, 3 DNC’S, a pregnancy without a fetus, and a double pregnancy with one in-utero and one ectopic resulting in severe internal bleeding.. all were lost. But we still had HOPE and the care of the CNY Fertility Staff. Dr. Rob and his staff helped us through our first IVF treatments. HOPE came in the form of THREE. We were both shocked it worked so well the first time and thrilled to expect three babies. With only two eggs put in- one decided to split to identicals along with another single.

Hope can be hard even for those who believe. At 15 weeks we lost our identical twins… but HOPE kept our single baby alive. Our Princess Payton will be two in a week and we will always be thankful for the HOPE and miracles you all help create each day! HOPE is alive! I see it everyday in Payton’s smile and the two angels at her side!
Thank you always!
The McKinley Family

One response to “Holding onto Hope”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Thats my little cousins, eddie and payton, they are so cute i love them everyday too.
    thank to Dr. Rob and his staff for making our family bigger and more adorable!!!!

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