Healing Brought Two Miracles
Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

Contributed by Cassandra Sheets


Each day I have been reading Dr. Rob’s Intention and Quote of the Day and find them uplifting. Great way to start the day … thank you Dr. Rob!

Our journey has been a long and painful one with so many losses. Our story is not much different from others but it does not make the pain any less. What is exciting is the healing and feeling like a complete person again.

I made a choice one day to let my pain be the guide and give it all the power or to take control and grow from this experience. Dr. Rob and his staff helped me to see that it is just not the physical aspect of becoming pregnant but a full mind/body/spirit that work together and create synergy. Once I found this peace (and it took time for both my husband and myself) my husband and I decided we would be parents. We decided it may not happen the traditional way but wanted to give it one more chance. Not our last chance, because “parents we will be” is what we would say every day!

Our two miracles were born July 25, 2007 and what an absolute joy! This is the most challenging and joyful part of our lives. Having hope is what has helped us get through the day. Having Dr. Rob and his staff helped to make our dream come true x 2!
Thank you! Cassandra

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