Finding Comfort in Yoga for Fertility


A client recently shared these beautiful words with me, and our Syracuse Yoga for Fertility instructor, Cindy.  I hope that Michelle’s words offer comfort, inspiration, and reassurance to you on your journey.  More importantly, I hope that you too, one day find yourself at the mat.
Hi Lisa and Cindy,
I hope this finds you well.  I wanted to send a note about what an amazing gift the yoga for fertility class has been for me.
I have been going to the class since our first consultation at CNY Fertility in August.  The benefit of the practice – the instruction, movement, relaxation, and flexibility – are part of the support the class provides.  These have made other aspects of the fertility treatment much easier, providing calmness and a focus on wellness and happiness through a stressful and medically complicated process.  The opportunity to learn from people in the class who have been through different parts of the process has also been so beneficial.  The procedures and medications, as well as the emotional aspects, are easier to navigate with the chance to talk with other people who have been through it.  The community of the class, and especially Cindy’s care, has provided support, understanding, great information, kindness, and an opportunity to talk about something that can be really difficult to share.
I am very grateful for the balance of medical expertise and wellness/spiritual care available at CNY Fertility and Healing Arts, and thankful to be a part of the class.
with very best wishes,
You can find a yoga session that fits with your schedule here, at our CNY Healing Arts Calendar.
If you have any questions about yoga, or any other support opportunities available, please feel free to contact me!