Eternally Grateful
Posted by: admin on Jan 16, 2017 in Success Stories

Here’s my story. I got married at 18, and got off birth control, had a chemical pregnancy, got divorced, and then symptoms of PCOS emerged. I gained weight rapidly for seemingly no reason, my face exploded with acne, I had mood swings, depression, and my period would be completely irregular and extremely heavy. Something was not right. I tried almost everything. Vitex, Soy Isoflavones, Clomid, Femara, Metformin, going on and off birth control, but nothing got me pregnant. I was initially resistant to the idea of IVF partly due to my experience with a previous practice. After 5 years, I had had enough, but being single, finding a way to afford IVF was a battle in itself. I love CNY Fertility and Dr. Kiltz because they truly are compassionate and see you as a person. Their financing plus helping me find discounts on my meds made it all doable. My first round of IVF and subsequent transfer failed, my next transfer was cancelled, the transfer after that I had a miscarriage. My final transfer resulted in my daughter who just turned one. I remember Dr. Kiltz telling me this time it would work, and he was right. I don’t believe I would have gotten pregnant at any other practice, and I know for sure I couldn’t have afforded everything I had to go through. Part of why I love CNY is they embrace alternative medicine and they try anything that might help. I haven’t heard of any other doctor approaching infertility like Dr. Kiltz. Since I had my daughter, my periods have been completely regular and I’ve been losing weight, but I will still definitely come back when I decide to try for another!

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