Egg Bank: Updated Available Donor Profile List – January 6, 2015
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Conceiving with Donor Eggs - CNY Fertility Egg BankSee below for a current list of available donors with frozen eggs in the CNY Fertility Egg Bank. If you are interested in learning more about the frozen donor egg cycle treatment option, or exploring one during your next cycle, please contact a member of our donor team. We provide weekly news articles to share currently available frozen donor eggs, so check back each Tuesday.

Donor Team Contact Info:

For CNY Fertility clients and non-clients, please call us at 1.855.CNY.Eggs
For CNY Fertility clients, please message Allyson Santoro through the eIVF Patient Portal. For instructions on how to use the messaging system within eIVF click here.


Donor #Brief Donor InfoHeightWeightHair ColorEye Color
33305Irish, Italian, German, English, French, Canadian, Belgian5'6"185lbsRedBlue
35408Russian, Hungarian, Irish, English5'5"132lbsBlondeBlue
44227German, Native American, Polish5'6"119lbsBrownBlue
44271Italian, English, German, Irish, Scottish5'7"141lbsBrownBrown
47791Czech, Italian, French, Sicilian5'7"119lbsBrownHazel
48821Swedish, German, Irish, Norwegian5'7"180lbsBlondeBlue
49364Irish, Dutch, German5'7"147lbsBlondeBlue
50083German, English, Irish, Cherokee, Italian5'2"130lbsBlackGreen
51257Dutch, English, German5'4"108lbsBrownBlue
51427French, Irish, German, Polish5'8"180lbsBrownHazel
57377Italian, Scottish5'3"141lbsAuburnHazel
57519French, German5'3"114lbsBrownHazel
57620Italian, Irish, English, Scottish5'3"134lbsBrownBrown
58177German, Irish, Native American, Scottish5'0"125lbsBrownBlue
59250Irish, French, Italian5'9"136lbsBrownHazel
59336English, German, Polish5'8"125lbsBrownBrown
59919African American, Jamaican5'7"189lbsBrownBrown
61319Indian, Polish, French, Italian5'6"119lbsBlackBrown
62387Polish, English, French, Russian5'10"154lbsBrownGreen
62527Irish, German, African American5'4"132lbsBrownBrown
62924Irish, French Canadian, German5'2"149lbsBrownBrown
66262Irish, Italian5'5"127lbsRedBrown


Thank you!
CNY Fertility Center’s Donor Team

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