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Due to the generosity and compassion of women like you, many couples encountering fertility challenges will be able to experience the joy of parenthood. We are thankful for your interest in our program. Prior to completing the physical process of donating eggs, potential donors must first become eligible to donate. Egg donors are compensated for their time and effort.

To begin the process, please fill out this eligibility questionnaire below. After you complete this form, you will be contacted by a donor program team member and provided with a login for our Donor Portal.

NOTE: You will be immediately disqualified if you don’t meet these requirements: you must be between the ages of 20 and 32, be a US Citizen or have a Social Security number.

We are here to help make this experience as easy as possible so don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us toll free 1.855.CNY.EGGS or contact us via email at

Read our Egg Donor Blog that was featured in The AFA (The American Fertility Association) Directory in 2012. It gives a realistic view of the egg donation journey from beginning to end as told by one of our very own egg donor’s.


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As an egg donor, I understand I must take self-administered injections for approximately 21 days.

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As and egg donor, I understand I will be required to attend approximately 10-12 appointments and will have a number of blood draws and vaginal ultrasounds.

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As an egg donor, I understand I will undergo egg retrieval under IV sedation.

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As an egg donor, I understand I must commit to being enrolled in CNY Fertility Center’s program a minimum of 4-6 months and will immediately inform the center if I am no longer available to participate.

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As an egg donor, I understand the process is an extremely serious matter and the recipient is depending on my trust, honesty, maturity and commitment to comply with all instructions.

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As an egg donor, I understand that I relinquish all rights and decision making authority for the eggs and any embryos created as a result of my donation.

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As an egg donor, are you will to travel to Albany/Syracuse for egg retrieval?

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