Albany Circle of Hope Welcomes Special Guest Speaker April 14, 2015


fertility support groupsJoin us at our Albany CNY Fertility Center on Tuesday, April 14th, 5:30pm to 6:45pm for a special Circle of Hope Support Group session of sharing and creating a supportive community with others on their path toward fertility.
We will all gather in the CNY Fertility Reception Area for an uplifting evening of sharing thoughts and ideas. Kristen B will be joining us to share her first hand journey through Fertility treatments, IVF, and a successful outcome. Kristen is a dynamic, witty and humorous former client of CNY who wishes to share her story with others.
We will also be focusing on how creating and keeping a journal, during your journey to fertility, can be very helpful throughout the process. All guests will go home with a complimentary journal to help get you started. Please RSVP to

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