5 times a winner
Posted by: Editor on Nov 03, 2014 in News, Success Stories

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I never wanted to get married or have children until I met my husband. He is the kindest, strongest human being I know. I knew he would be an amazing father before he realized I was the love of his life. Flash forward- five years of blissful marriage, ready to be parents, trying for over a year. I asked him to make the appointment, and there was a four month waiting period. I figured we could still try and see, and explore adoption. We have our consultation appointment, and I feel compelled to begin this process. July rolls around and we have our first clinical appointment. We receive a call about a week later telling us we are pregnant. On our own. We are elated, over the moon and joyous. Two weeks later we realize it is a “chemical pregnancy” and begin several rounds of IUIs which last for the better of 9 months. In tears, I ask when we can start IVF treatments. First one with only one viable embryo fails. I am devastated but moved to try one more round before moving on. Almost a year to the day, near July fourth we attempt one final round of IVF. This time, four embryos are viable and we have three implanted. Fast forward three years, I just took my healthy, happy, amazing twins trick or treating. Words cannot express the gratitude and wonder we have been blessed within our lives. Our twin girls will turn three in April. I carried them full term, almost forty weeks to the day with an incredibly healthy pregnancy. They are strong, active, intelligent, and the light of our lives. The kindness, warmth, and understanding of the staff set a tone for our roles as parents. We felt loved, so we can filter that love more freely onto our blessings, two little smart and vibrant girls ready to give back the love and care it took to get them into the world. Thank you is not enough for this blessing, we will be forever paying our gratitude forward.

~~ Jenny

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