Words of Support and Encouragement Week of October 25, 2010


This week, we begin the winter holiday season.  It begins slowly with Halloween, picks up a bit with Thanksgiving, and then hits full steam with Hanukkah and Christmas.  While these holidays often bring fun days spent with family, they can also be challenging for some of our clients.  To help out, I would like to recycle last year’s Holiday Support Guide: Halloween article.  I will also post a video this week, offering a few coping tools for challenging situations during the holiday season.
Holiday Support Guide: Halloween
Sometimes, the holidays can be challenging, especially when you are trying to conceive.  Families often gather together to catch up, and children are typically the focus of attention (either the ones physically present, or in the form of the typical ‘So when are you going to start trying?’ question).  It does not matter if you welcome the holiday as a celebration, or you experience more solemn emotions.  They are your emotions; they are perfect, and normal.
It is important to listen to your mind and body as we are going into this holiday weekend.  What can you do to minimize your anxiety, or sadness?  As you imagine how you are going to spend this weekend, what emotions begin to form?  Are you placing yourself in a situation that is going to be challenging?
While we often feel as though we cannot say no to particular events, we can prepare ourselves for our potential emotional responses.  If you are going somewhere where there will be children, talk yourself though it before.  Allow yourself to experience the emotions in the comfort and privacy of your home before you leave.  You will not be able to work through all of the emotions in advance, but it may lighten the load.
This may also be an opportunity to use as motivation for your cycles.  Try to take it all in.  Take a mental image of the smiles and laughter, and when you are experiencing a challenging moment later on, remember those smiles and what it is that you are working towards.  You are doing all of this so that you can have those moments, those smiles, for yourself.
Please remember it is incredibly important to protect your emotions, and if that means removing yourself from a situation that could be too challenging, then do it!  There are plenty of kid-free options for this weekend.  Dress up with your partner or some friends and attend an adult Halloween party, go see a movie, or just place a bowl of candy out on the front door and have a scary movie night in.  Create the situation where you will feel most comfortable.
I hope you are able to enjoy the weekend, and indulge in some good candy and cider!
I will also be available this weekend if there is anything I can help you with.  Feel free to call or email!