Words of Support and Encouragement Week of October 11, 2011


Good morning!  I hope that you had a great weekend.  The journey to your most fertile and healthy self can be very challenging.  You may experience a diagnosis that you did not foresee, or you may suffer a great loss along the way.  It is important to recognize that grief is a sometimes a companion on this journey, and I’d like you to feel supported and prepared.  Attending the Circle of Hope support group sessions, connecting with a Fertile Friend, and speaking with a counselor on a regular basis are wonderful ways to cope with many of the challenging emotions you will encounter.  I highly suggest that all of our clients meet with a counselor on a regular basis, to work through anything that is inhibiting your ability to move forward.  Counselors are also a great resource for discerning the next step, and coping strategies for those moments when your friend or sister becomes pregnant.
To locate a counselor in your area, please feel free to contact me or one of our nurses.  I would also suggest connecting with your primary physician for a recommendation if you are out of town.  Additionally, your religious or spiritual community may have a connection in the community for you to pursue.
If you are in the Syracuse area and would like to meet one of the counselors that we regularly refer to, I’d like to invite you to our Syracuse Circle of Hope support group meeting tonight, October 10th at 5:30p.  We will meet in the reception area.
If you need any additional support or would like a counselor recommendation, please feel free to contact me.
Have a great week!