Words of Support and Encouragement Week of November 29, 2010


Hopefully you had a great holiday, and you were able to enjoy your family and friends.  As you are returning to your normal routine, this is a great time to take a deep breath and unwind from the holiday.  Ujjayi pranayama, or ocean-sounding breath, is an easy and efficient way to relax.
Ujjayi pranayama is a breathing exercise typically used during Vinyasa-flow yoga.  To begin, place yourself in a comfortable seated position.  Closing your eyes, begin to slow the breath and release any tension from the weekend.  Breathing through the nose, deepen your inhale and focus your attention to the back of your throat.  Imagine sending the energy of your breath in through the sinuses, and down the throat as you make a long and low ‘hhhhaaaaaaa’. Notice how the breath sort of hisses, and creates a warm vibration in the throat and chest.  As you exhale through the nose, continue with your focus on the back of your throat and continue with the ‘hhhhaaaaa’ whisper.  Continuing with a few rounds of this breath, allow your mind to relax and become occupied by the natural vibration in the throat.
This breathing exercise can alleviate tension and relax the body.  Turn to this as needed, and remember that the breath has wonderful potential for any challenging moment.
We also have many opportunities for relaxation at our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts Centers.  For more information, please check our calendars:
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Best of luck,