Words of Support and Encouragement Week of June 28, 2010


Sometimes the goals we set may appear unattainable, because the current situation is so different than the desired.  One way to facilitate the fulfillment of your desires is to create the situation you yearn for.  Allow your life to be welcoming to the change you would like to see.
If your goal is to conceive, then live as you would with a child.  This may sound odd, but for a moment, imagine the child you hope for.  What kind of environment would you like to welcome this new life into?  What habits and morals would you like to pass on to this future child? What skills and characteristics would you like him or her to exemplify?  How can you express these in your daily life?  Practice compassion, empathy, love, and patience.  Welcome your future child into a world of joy and peace.
Two wonderful ways to begin these changes are yoga and meditation.  Please visit our CNY Healing Arts Calendar for our schedules and more information.
Enjoy the sun,