Words of Support and Encouragement Week of June 10, 2011


Good morning!  I hope you had a great weekend! Now that the weather is warm it is a great opportunity to include your partner, and set a goal!  When we have someone to cook and exercise with, our journey to healthy doesn’t seem as long.  This is also a great way to reconnect with each other during what can be a very challenging time for even the strongest relationships.  If you feel like you are not connecting as well as you used to, or that your time together is heavily weighted on trying to conceive, it may be time for you to set a fun and healthy goal together.  Make sure to pick something that you both enjoy, and that gets you moving or eating healthy (or both!).  A few ideas would be to commit to talking 2 miles on Saturday and Sunday, taking up hiking a different trail each week, training for a 5k, or playing a round of golf together.  You may also add cooking one meal from scratch together each week, or experimenting with new recipes. These seemingly mundane activities nourish both the body and relationship.  It is a lot of fun to get outside and relax a bit with your partner, while also supporting you health and fertility.
We also have our Circle of Hope Support Group sessions this month, and a few other free opportunities for you to share and grow together.  For a list of our Support Offerings please check our CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts Calendars.  Also, be on the look out for our Holiday Support Guide: Father’s Day to be posted this week with great tips for enjoying the day!
Best of luck,