Words of Support and Encouragement Week of December 14, 2009


brown-bear-cub-on-the-treeAs the temperature drops, we naturally tend to hibernate a bit more.  This winter, make an effort to continue (or start!) your normal exercise routine.  It is easy to feel a bit sluggish with all of the holiday meals and cozy fires, but in order to keep your mind and body happy you need to keep moving!  Why not try a new yoga class?  Another great way to escape from the slow, winter cold is to try a water aerobics class, or swim a few laps at your gym.
While it may take a bit more motivation, it will absolutely pay off.  Your whole body will thank you, and you won’t feel as much like our little friend here to the right.  Exercise and proper eating are integral to supporting a healthy (and successful!) cycle.  If you are interested, please feel free to take a peek at our CNY Healing Arts Centers for some great support and ideas to get you moving and feeling good: www.cnyhealingarts.com
If you would like to discuss some possible stress relieving activities, feel free to contact me!
Take care, and good luck!