Words of Support and Encouragement Week of August 27, 2012


Good morning!  I hope that you are enjoying the end of summer.  As we begin the slow transition into autumn, take a few moments to consider your previous cycles, and your current plan.  What would you change about your protocol, if you could?  What are you happy with?  Where do we need to improve communication between your needs, and the plan we have prepared for you?  How can we help you to feel more confident?
We are unable to alleviate all of the challenging emotions of infertility, but we can help you acquire the tools to work through these emotions much more efficiently.  Additionally, we can provide you with inspiration along the way.  We have an ongoing list of Success Stories, submitted by clients, just like you.  You are able to read about each one’s journey, and the joys of their success.  Many of these clients, at one point or another, felt a little hopeless.  However, they were able to endure the challenges, and are now happy to share their stories with you.
We also have our Fertile Friends and Success Stories programs.  If you are interested in connecting with someone throughout your cycle, please complete the Fertile Friends form.
If you are interested in personally connecting with a client who has conceived with us, one of our many Success Stories, please email me a short summary of your fertility journey and I will match you with someone as soon as possible.
Have a great week!