Words of Support and Encouragement Week of August 22, 2011


Good morning!  I hope that you had a great weekend.  In September, we’re excited offer an Interactive Fertility Support Webinar for Recipients.  This will be a great opportunity to discuss challenges and concerns unique to those trying to conceive with Donor Eggs, Embryos, and even Donor Sperm. Pursuing a donor cycle is a great opportunity to achieve parenthood, but it does lend to unique challenges and worries.
What have been your experiences with a Donor Egg, Sperm, or Embryo cycle?  Did you find the challenges to be different than, say, an IVF cycle?  How can we improve your experiences here at CNY Fertility?
Please feel free to share your experiences, challenges, and success stories!  We have a current donor, Diane, sharing her experiences here.
To register for the webinar, please visit the following link:
September 15th, 6:00p-7:30p
I can’t wait to hear from you!