Words of Support and Encouragement this Week: Intimacy with Your Partner


Good morning! I hope that you had a relaxing weekend.  A few clients have recently mentioned the challenges that infertility places on their relationships, especially with their partners.  Trying to conceive with us, at CNY Fertility Center, can sometimes feel like the intimacy is gone in the process.  It is completely normal and expected to feel like you are missing out on a special part of conception that others are able to experience.  However, there are ways to reintroduce intimacy and a strong, connected relationship to your journey to parenthood.  Even if you are unable to engage in intercourse with your partner to conceive, there are many ways to stay connected and in sync throughout your cycle.  Here are a few suggestions to keep your communication and intimacy going, through especially challenging times:
1.  Make time for a date every week.  This may be a night out, a quiet dinner at home, or taking a long walk together.
2.  Share your love and appreciation for each other every single day.  A small note or unexpected phone call during the work day will keep you thinking about each other, and the relationship that you have built.
3.  Try your best to be at appointments together.  This may be challenging with work, but it can provide great trust  and reassurance during the more important appointments like embryo transfer and pregnancy test.
4.  Frequently check-in with each other during the cycle.  Are you both happy with your treatment?  Are you feeling excited?  Anxious?  Do you feel like you are going through this alone, or do you feel supported?
There are many ways to connect and share with each other, creating a deep intimacy during a very exciting and hopeful time for your family.  How do you like to stay connected?
Have a great week!