Why Weight?

Your body weight may be affecting your fertility. Women who are overweight or underweight may be experiencing infertility due to their weight.

According to information on the website www.protectyourfertility.com, more than 70% of women who are infertile as the result of body weight disorders will conceive spontaneously if their weight disorder is corrected through a weight-gaining or weight-reduction diet as appropriate.

A woman’s weight plays an important role in the levels of estrogen in her system. Fatty tissue excretes additional estrogen into a woman’s system. Too little or too much estrogen can throw your body into a whirlwind causing irregular periods or anovulation (the inability to ovulate).

Twelve percent of infertility cases are due to weighing too little or too much. Correcting and maintaining weight standards – which includes a healthy diet, regular exercise and not smoking – can help increase your chances of conceiving.

If you would like an individual nutritional consultation with a Registered Dietitian, please contact our Syracuse Healing Arts Center and ask for an appointment with Heather Neely. She can tailor a plan that suits your needs. Just call 315.671.5755.

For more information online, visit www.protectyourfertility.com, the American Dietetic Association at www.eatright.org, or the following weight management links: