Why some women decide to become an egg donor


For some, it may be difficult to understand why a woman would want to donate her eggs.  On our journey here at CNY Fertility Center, we have encountered thousands of reasons to give the gift of life.  Most often our donors are young women who have had a family member or friend face the challenges of infertility.  They understand the overwhelming heartbreak and joy that is associated with the process of creating a family.  Similarly, many of our donors have children of their own and are so grateful to have experienced such an amazing love, they want to help another woman have that same opportunity.
Regardless of your reason for donating, the truth is that you are creating a life, and a special love that would not have otherwise existed.    You are committing a selfless and powerful act that brings another human being into this world to be loved, cared for, and cherished.
As mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and partners it is imperative we support each other, and even carry each other when needed.  Egg donation is the ultimate gift for a woman to receive, and the satisfaction of giving this gift is beyond words to describe.
Please consider giving the gift of life, and family.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call any of our Egg Donor Coordinators, at CNY Fertility Center, listed below.
Phone:  800.539.9870
Stephanie Rogers
Pati Breh
Lisa Stack
Chris Gray