When hope was nearly lost, we found Cny


After suffering through an ectopic pregnancy and loss of one of my fallopian tubes we discovered in February of 2015 that my remaining tube was blocked and I had no ability to become pregnant our own. We were devastated, seeing our dream of another baby fade away. Ultimately, we decided to look in to IVF and came across CNY. From the first conversation we had with Dr. Arroyo at the Rochester office, we had a good feeling about taking this step. We knew we would regret walking away from the table with ivf left as an option and felt like CNY was the right place. Long story short, a year after nearly losing all hope, our little rainbow baby, Lillian Marie was born. Thank you to Dr. Arroyo and Dr. Kiltz and everyone at CNY just doesn’t seem adequate for what we have been given!

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