Wendy & Cheryl’s Story
Posted by: admin on Dec 16, 2010 in Success Stories

I first visited Dr. Kiltz when he was located over at Community General Hospital. In June of 1999, I tried to get pregnant for my second child. That attempt failed. I was successful the second time around although we did find out that it was an ectopic pregnancy. I was devastated and after a couple of years of waiting, we decided to try again. After many, many failed attempts at IUI with Clomid, IUI’s with injectables, and many, many “Sorry, you aren’t pregnant” phone calls, we made the decision to try IVF. I was very scared, but hopeful too, since I had managed to conceive 2 times (I have an older child who was conceived, by the way, old fashioned ICI back in 1991).

We started our IVF process at the end of May, 2002 and had a retrieval of 6 eggs on June 16th and put back 2 embryo’s on June 19th. On July 2nd, I had a positive pregnancy test and on February 27, 2003 gave birth to a healthy 7 pound, 2oz baby girl. She is 5 years old today and we can’t imagine life without her.

Thank you Dr. Kiltz and everyone on your staff for making our dreams of completing our family come true. I often tell friends who are struggling with getting pregnant to go to CNY Fertility Center because if you can get pregnant, you will!

Wendy and Cheryl

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