Vision boards and integrative fertility care


Click here to watch the CNN video that describes using a vision board as part of an integrative fertility care approach. CNY Fertility Center and Dr. Robert Kiltz strongly believe in the benefits of utilizing a combination of western medicine and eastern philosophies to provide an integrative approach to fertility care.

How to create a vision board:

  • Obtain a plain poster board
  • Get some glue, scissors, magazines
  • Cut out pictures of anything that motivates, inspires, relaxes you
  • Cut out pictures of the things that you are striving to obtain
  • Glue the pictures on to your poster board
  • Include some inspirational words or phrases

Voila! You have created a vision board to use on a daily basis as a visual reminder of what you are striving to add to your life. A vision board can be a powerful tool to be utilized during your infertility journey.