Video: Yoga for Fertility-Practice Outside
Posted by: Editor on Jun 20, 2011 in News

Hi my name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  In addition to my Words of Support and Encouragement this week, I wanted to upload a quick video this week about yoga.  I always like to revisit yoga a couple of times a year because I truly believe in its power.  Especially now that the weather is nice, it’s a great opportunity for you to get your mat outdoors and even just some poses, and even just some nice, relaxed breathing and meditation outside.
Yoga has wonderful benefits for everyone, especially for those who are trying to conceive and those in early pregnancy.  In yoga, what you’re searching for is this beautiful calm from within.  It really draws it forth from your inner core and your soul.  It’s a wonderful way, a natural extension of our practice at CNY Fertility of nurturing from within and loving from within.  Whether you’re going through a natural cycle, IUI, IVF, or donor cycle, it can be used for all of them.   We have some really great events at all three of our centers this month as we are focusing on yoga.  I encourage you to check some of those out.  We have some good relaxing Yoga for Fertility, we have a couple of Partner Yoga sessions, Prenatal Yoga, and even some more challenging and really fun, Learning to Fly yoga session at our Syracuse office, CNY center with Kim—it’s a really great one to look out for!

So, please get outdoors and try some yoga, even if it’s just a couple of poses that you remember from a DVD or a class, or head to some of our sessions that we offer.  It offers great benefits, wonderful if you are trying to conceive or are in early pregnancy, and carries you on throughout your pregnancy.  It’s even a fun activity with your child!

Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator

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