Video: The Fertile Secret Guidebook – Video Series #8, Fertile Friends

Dr. Rob:  Hi!  This is Dr. Rob.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  And I’m Lisa Stack.  {{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  How are you today?  {{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Good morning. {{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  It is a beautiful day and we’re so blessed and lucky to be here and sharing.  Thank you for listening.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  And sharing with us.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Today, we’re going to be talking about?… {{vspace8}}
Lisa:  We’re going to be talking about Fertile Friends.  The next chapter in The Fertile Secret Guidebook (available on kindle here at or in paperback/hardcover on is all about sharing, and releasing those emotions.  Making sure we have a contact person that we can trust, and that will give us good, honest feedback.  It’s so important.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  We often feel so alone in life that what we’re experiencing no one else has ever experienced.  What is amazing is that when we share the story, we release the negative energy.  Oxytocin goes up, you feel better, you don’t feel alone, and your chances of conception, delivering a baby go up.  It is very, very powerful.  Do it with a friend, do it in a group setting, on the phone is good, the computer is OK, but the most powerful thing is connect directly with that person face to face. {{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Yes, it is so important.  I like how in the book how you push us to take an inventory, and kind of keeping a cheat sheet on who can be contacted when you’re in the moment when maybe we received news that we weren’t expecting or just having a challenging day; you can pull out the sheet and see the top 3 people you know you can call them on at any time.  I think that is so important because we can forget that we have so much support around us.  It leaves our mind, and suddenly we feel so alone like you said.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  And we’re story tellers.  When we tell our story, we have that connection.  That energy helps us vibrate at a higher level.  At CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts we have monthly support groups that meet together, we have Yoga for Fertility, so it’s not only connecting to talk, but even just in motion.  It’s very important.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  The Yoga for Fertility is just so cathartic.  You’re sweating together; you’re working through something towards total health and total wellness alongside each other.  After our Yoga for Fertility sessions, we have The Fertile Friends sessions.  So right after Yoga for Fertility, the girls will push our mats together and just gather, chat, and share with each other in an impromptu support group which is wonderful.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  As we said we’re herd animals.  We’re meant to be in that connection.  We like to talk, we like to share, and the Fertile Friends is meant you to find that safe place to share.  It may hurt a little bit to do that first sharing.  It may be very hard for you but once you open up, amazing things begin to happen.  You don’t feel alone, you feel happier, more comfortable.  When you feel that, you’re able to pursue that which you desire with more vigor in life. {{vspace8}}
Lisa:  We hope that you join us at the Circle of Hope Support group or the Fertile Friends sessions after Yoga for Fertility.  We have our webinars, Dr. Kiltz’s tele-webinar with Kristen Magnacca.  I have the Interactive Fertility Support webinar, the Meditation Webinar, and so many workshops as well.  We have so many opportunities to share.  I’m also available at any time, so you can always call me.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Well, thank you Lisa for helping us understand this even better.  Check out again The Fertile Secret Guidebook and God Bless.  Enjoy the day.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  We’ll see you next week.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Awesome!{{vspace8}}—
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator