Video: The Fertile Secret Guidebook – Video Series #7, Fertile Nourishment


Dr. Rob:  Hi!  This is Dr. Rob Kiltz.  {{vspace8}}
Lisa:  And I’m Lisa Stack.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Welcome and we’re talking about The Fertile Secret (available in Kindle edition or paperback).  Remember, the fertile secret is within you every single day.  Nourishment, foods—what we put into our body.  That’s so important, isn’t it Lisa?{{vspace8}}
Lisa:   I mean what else do we have to run on besides what we put in?{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:   I always say it starts with our thoughts, but what you put in your body is so critical and important.  Every day I say I’m putting in and eating healthy foods.  We can start by finding foods that are plant-based, organic, whole foods that are really at the food chain where they’re just picked off a tree. {{vspace8}}
Lisa:  The fewer the ingredients, especially if you can’t pronounce many of the ingredients.  Just thinking about what goes into our bodies, and our body have to process that and work through it.  We want to save our energy for being fertile and for creating life.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Unprocessed foods because our body is going to process it all, and get all those nutrients from those natural plants and herbs, and organic products that are out there.  If you’re going to consume meats, minimize that and make sure they’re organic—it’s really important.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  I really like how you touched on Michael Pollan’s Food Rules.  That was a really great resource that you tapped into.  His slogan is eat food, not too much, mostly plants. {{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Right.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  It’s so simple. {{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  I’m one that eats two meals a day because most of us overeat.  Reduce our consumption, small plate, multiple small meals.  When you’re eating your foods, sit down and enjoy them; not on the run.  The important part is to take time to give thanks and gratitude for the food.  Someone has helped to plant those products, and has helped to gather them and made them available for you.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  With many of my clients when they come in the support group, they find it challenging to start traditions of sitting down, and having a meal together, especially if it’s just themself and their partner; I always like to say think about the traditions that you want to pass onto your children and start them now.  So the family dinners, spending time enjoying them and eating over conversation—it’s always helpful—always helpful.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  I’m not a TV watcher, but never with a television or a radio.  Maybe some light music in the background.  Some meditative music is always helpful.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  I always start that meal with gratitude.  Thank you for this wonderful meal.  No matter what you’re consuming, if you begin with “Thank you for this wonderful meal” amazing things begin to happen.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Your body will respond and your body will be grateful for the healthy foods that you’re providing; and will respond in a way that you hope.  Absolutely.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  So check out Michael Pollan’s book, and check out The Fertile Secret and have a great day.  God Bless.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  We will see you next week.{{vspace8}}
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator