Video: The Fertile Secret Guidebook-Video Series #4, Fertile Prayer


Lisa:  Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  I’m here with Dr. Kiltz and we’re talking about Fertile Prayer. {{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Hi Lisa.  Thank you for doing this.  It’s a beautiful day.  Do you ever feel tweaked and challenged in the day and you’re not sure which way to go?{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Absolutely.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  It hurts some days.  You feel it right in your gut and you’re not sure of how to move forward.  I shared that with Lisa and we talked about briefly prayer.  In the top line of The Fertile Prayer, within The Fertile Secret guide (written by Dr. Robert Kiltz, available on Kindle edition from or in paperback from it says, “I am not alone, and I am not afraid.  I welcome the energy flowing around me.”  How simply saying those words makes you feel better.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Absolutely, absolutely.  This is transient to everyone, every day, not even those just trying to conceive, which I really love how you made it applicable universally.  It doesn’t matter which faith you adhere to or where you are, it’s important to make that connection.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Obviously, we’re talking about fertility, but it isn’t just regarding fertility.  It’s regarding our lives in total.  Trust the universe and have faith that all things happen perfectly.  When you speak those words, you are speaking within.  It’s prayer.  How powerful that is.  The more I talk to myself with calm, positive, loving words, the more energized and balanced I feel.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  I think that we’ve been able to exercise this Fertile Prayer chapter a little bit with our clients and see a nice difference.  Just more of an accepting of the power within and the energy within and that they have the ability to take care of themselves and heal themselves.  It’s really great how you touched on that and our own ability to harness that energy and heal from within, outwards.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  You may feel as if you don’t have it, but when you begin to speak the words, “I am not alone, I am not afraid.  I welcome the energy flowing around me”, you begin to feel that confidence.  That confidence that you have the ability to take a step and move forward in life.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Thank you so much for going through this and putting this chapter in.  I think it definitely helps round out all the ideas that you bring forward and it definitely has helped for our clients.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  thank you for sharing.  Again, any questions, please ask and we’re always happy to share more.  God Bless.{{vspace8}}
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator