Video: The Fertile Secret Guidebook-Video Series #2


Dr. Rob:  Hi!  This is Dr. Rob Kiltz. {{vspace8}}
Lisa:  And I’m Lisa Stack.  We are here on video #2 of our Fertile Secret book video series.  Just to refresh, we’re going to go through chapter by chapter, The Fertile Secret book and give you some nice thoughts behind the journey and really give you a nice taste of it so you can get started.  It will soon be out, published, and ready for you to view.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Sharing our thoughts and our ideas, and you sharing your thoughts and ideas on this journey is very important.  Lisa had some thoughts on emotions and feelings.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  You know, I was reading through the first chapter, Fertile Thoughts, and you talk a lot about feeling our emotion, not burying them down, and pushing them aside to be brave or to be strong.  I thought it was really interesting how you wanted us to feel each emotion.  If we’re angry just say, “I am just feeling angry right now.  I just need a minute.”   It’s OK.  Writing it down, journaling, and making something creative out of it—making a vision board.  Letting ourselves feel those emotions instead of just pushing them away, I think that is so powerful.  I think we often will try to push them down, and they will manifest physically or always erupt at the worst opportunity when we don’t want them to.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  it’s amazing how quickly they spring up and they kind of hit us in the gut.  It is really important not to push them down, but to share them.  That’s why sharing with a friend, a counselor, yourself, that journaling—I’m feeling this way, and  this is what’s happening in my life—is really, really important.  Then the next step to that is how you can look at that and begin to shift the words of “I’m feeling great.  I’m loving this experience.”  You’ll begin to move forward and feel better.  Those emotions that often are holding you back, will become happier and happier, and you won’t have the painful emotions as much.  It all begins with you have to share them, and you have to allow them to be.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:   Absolutely.  Absolutely.  Especially, with your partner.  I see often in our support groups that maybe partners aren’t communicating as well because one is feeling anxious and one is ready to move forward; or one is feeling a little sad and the other is ready to move forward.  It just takes a few minutes to say, “Honey, I’m sorry.  I’m just feeling a little sad right now.  I need a few minutes to work through it and then I’ll be happy and we’ll be happy together.”  Moving forward together and vocalizing those emotions with each other are so important.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  The partner allowing and just accepting that other partner or other person to be as they are.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Absolutely.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  And that they’re just expressing their feelings.  I always say, “It’s not personal.”{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  it’s not personal.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  So, the practice is not judging, and not taking it personal, is so helpful on this path, this journey, this exploration.   We always say that this is tough stuff.    We call it hard and we can’t do it.  In fact, you can do it and it’s actually easy.  Why is the intention so important?{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  We do our intentions all the time.  You do your intention every day.  What are your thoughts behind our setting our intention each and every day?{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  I’m learning in this experience that our thoughts actually are the creation of the feelings, emotions, and the external things.  There was a challenge for me to begin this practice, but I began by simply writing a beautiful day and life is grand.  Life is easy.  Taking the concept of “I’m infertile” to “I am fertile” was that simple intention I wanted to put in place now what I desire to be in the future.  The body doesn’t know, the brain doesn’t know the past, present, and future as any different as the presence of now.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Absolutely.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob Kiltz:  So, that concept of my words of now, which is my intention that will create that which I desire.  It’s been a practice, and I’m learning through all of these conversations.  Every day my life has changed in amazing ways as I begin to simply express in my thoughts, my words, and my reading, and in my connection with people all around me.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  We can translate the intention process to our journey while trying to conceive.  You can set your intention.  It can be as simple as today,” I’m going to take my prenatal vitamins, and have 8 glasses of water and that’s my intention of the day because I am fertile, I am healthy.”  I’m changing that to fertile.  Using those words, “I am fertile, I am healthy, and I am one with my body.  I recognize that my body needs some help.   I’m helping my body.”{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  Mantras are so important that the words we practice “I’m not eating so well today or I have to eat better” could be translated or shifted into “I am eating well.  I am healthy” as you said Lisa.  It will change your body’s molecular structure and vibration that will attract all those things that you desire in life.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Especially focusing on, “I am the mother that I want to be”  “I am the father that I want to be”, “We’re just waiting for that child to come”.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  The energy of the universe is within each and every one of us and I have the belief that we are all God and God is all around us.  The creation of that which we wish to be if we simply practice our words and our words will create the actions that those intentions will show up.{{vspace8}}
Lisa:  Well, we can’t wait for you to read this Fertile Secret book and get a little bit more into it, a little more of the thought process behind it.  It really is fascinating.  There are some great tools in there to help your motions, your thoughts, and to change your perspective and your intention from maybe more negative like we said “I need to eat better.  I need to be more fertile.” to the more positive, “I am fertile.  I am eating healthy.  My body is doing what it is supposed to.”  It is an important tool and we can’t wait for you to get a better look at it.  Next week we will be moving on through The Fertile Secret book and giving you a little bit more of an insight.{{vspace8}}
Dr. Rob:  God Bless and enjoy the day!{{vspace8}}
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator
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    nice stuff. Where can I find the first vidoe of this series.
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