Video: The Fertile Secret Guidebook – Video Series #1


Lisa:  Hi!
Dr. Rob:  Hi Lisa!  This is Dr. Rob Kiltz.
Lisa:   And I’m Lisa Stack, the Support Coordinator at CNY Fertility and CNY Healing Arts.
Dr. Rob:  We’re here to share the Fertile Secret video series.  We’ll be coming out with The Fertile Secret book very shortly.  It’s a guide to show you the secret of fertility.
Lisa:  Absolutely, absolutely.  It’s really a fantastic book; it takes you through every different aspect that you really can utilize not only to make yourself fertile in order to conceive, but in every aspect of your life.
Dr. Rob:  We all need a guide in life.  We find many, many books, CDs, and connecting is so important.  The Fertile Secret video series is going to help bring out your natural strengths and your whole, natural beauty.  Infertility is a challenge.
Lisa:  It absolutely is, it really is.  It causes a lot of challenging emotions, a lot of grief, stress, and anxiety.  Like you often say, we are naturally energetic, naturally beautiful, and naturally powerful, but I think sometimes through our discussions, the day to day stresses can kind of cover that up sometimes and make it harder to be our natural selves or more challenging to be our natural, our beautiful selves.  I think with The Fertile Secret, what it really does, is gives you tools and activities and methods to bring your natural-self back out and let it shine.
Dr. Rob:  I think that when we practice these things each and every day and we don’t need to do them all—things like yoga, meditation, support, and connecting.  What type of areas do we have at CNY Fertility that aid and support for our clients?
Lisa:  We have our Circle of Hope Support groups at our Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany locations and our Fertile Friends group as well, after each Yoga for Fertility session, which is a great opportunity for support.  You have Yoga for Fertility class, and then there’s about 45 minutes or an hour to just share with fellow participants.  So the person next to you on the mat suddenly becomes your support partner as well.
Dr. Rob:  Sharing has so much value in our lives.  When we open up and share our problems, the bumps in our lives, infertility, it enables us to feel better.  The studies have shown oxytocin levels go up; our ability to move forward, to be more positive builds.  It’s through participation and continual practice that gets us what we desire.
Lisa:  It’s wonderful.  It’s all about releasing those energy blocks.  We may have an emotional energy block from maybe a challenge that we’re facing, or a physical one if we’re facing a physical challenge, just in our overall health and overall fertility.  So how can we release those blockages and let our energy flow and let our body do what it’s meant to do and what we’re naturally able to do.
Dr. Rob:  Fertility is meant to happen naturally, and when it doesn’t happen, we feel as if we’re at a loss and somehow we may feel that we are responsible for that.  How do we help remove that feeling of guilt, anxiety, fear, and worry?  The Fertile Secret series is going to show us tools that help us get beyond that.
Lisa:  Yes, taking it step by step, just peeling back one layer at a time because it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey.  Just take it slow and do one little aspect every day that we can and eventually it happens.
Dr. Rob:  Invite everyone to share their experiences to connect with others, create your own support groups within your own communities—so important to do.  There’s no right way to do any of this.  It’s in the doing that we’re getting in any of this.
Lisa:  Absolutely.  We’ll have a lot more to come.  We’re going to do a whole series on this.  We’re really just going to take the book chapter by chapter and go through it.
Dr. Rob:  Well, I’ll look forward to that Lisa.  Thank you for being such a part of this family and creativity.  Love to everyone and peace.
Lisa:  Absolutely.
Dr. Rob:  Dr. Rob
Lisa:  And Lisa
Dr. Rob:  God Bless.
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator