Video: The Fertile Secret Guide Book-Artwork


Hi!  My name is Lisa Stack, and I’m the CNY Fertility Support Coordinator.  We always talk about being fertile in every aspect of your life, not just trying to conceive.  Dr. Kiltz has really embodied that by being fertile in his arts.  So, I want to share with you a couple of pieces that are in his office and you can find them around our centers, and on our website.  These are actually beautiful paintings that Dr. Kiltz has done inspired by the practice.  That actually inspired the practice as well.  So, let’s take a quick sneak peek while we’re in his office.
Here’s one beautiful one and we’ll take another quick, sneak peek.  Just some beautiful artwork that’s all part of Dr. Kiltz’s love and passion and fertility that he likes to share with us.  Just one more sneak peek—there we go.  These are just some of the ways that Dr. Kiltz is fertile beyond the office and beyond the work that he does and incorporating it into every aspect of his life.  I hope you enjoyed the quick, sneak peek.  You’re welcome to stop in and see his art any time.  It’s just something that he does for himself and for his center and the facility.  It’s lovely to look at and be able to be surrounded by, so I hope you enjoy it!
Lisa Stack, Support Coordinator