Video: Relax and Restore – Take a Break from Fertility Treatments


Hi.  My name is Lisa Stack and I’m the Support Coordinator at the CNY Fertility Center.  In addition to my Words and Encouragement support article, I wanted to give you a supplemental video to help drive home some of the important points and topics of my weekly article.  This week I talked about taking a break.  Many of our patients come to us with concerns that they feel like taking a break; that they feel like it would be mentally and physically, but they’re worried about losing time or that it will mess up their cycles.  Some patients were also told that they have to take a break due to a cyst or some other medical reason. Now whether you can or cannot or should or should not take a break is something that you should discuss with your practitioner because they, of course, will know exactly what is best for you.
From an emotional and spiritual side of things, breaks are really a good opportunity to get back to square one, to get in tune with your emotions and how you’re feeling, how you’re dealing with the cycles, and how you’re coping overall with your life.  It’s good to take a break if you’re coming into the office all the time, you can really just get back to the nurturing yourself and take care of your diet, exercise, and spirituality.  Now whether you are actively working at going through healing arts services; it’s a great time for acupuncture, massage, meeting with our nutritionists, or doing it on your own.  It’s important to remember that you’re still actively working on your fertility and still working towards your cycle; you’re just not necessarily going through your blood draws and your ultrasounds.  Everything that you do to better yourself and to release some of that stress and anxiety and get your diet and nutrition and your exercise really going at its optimal level.  It also may be what’s best for you.  All of that is going to help and it’s going to decrease the stress and it’s going to give us a great body for us to work with for your cycles.  We need to remember that we’re just not treating your reproductive organs; we’re looking at the overall body.  There are so many different components to pregnancy.
Take this time, don’t be hard on yourself.  Just nurture yourself and get back to square one; and remember, every day you do something positive, you’re working towards your fertility.  Every time you choose to look at something in a positive light, you’re working towards your fertility, so this isn’t a lost time.  Please, enjoy, and come visit us at CNY Healing Arts.   Our practitioners would love to meet you and go over some great options.  Or, just pop in for a yoga class or support group.  Have a great week!  I’ll see you soon.